About Tech Lube

Tech-Lube is one of the leading lubricant importer in Bangladesh. All our products comes from high rated mines from Dubai directly. We don't compromise with quality of products. All the types of our oil is 100% virgin, 100% additive inside and Multi graded. So our lubricant is appropriate for all kinds of engines.


Durability Is The Key

Our product's box, bottles, tins and drums are designed by top level professionals in the field which are very sustainable


Powerful Yet Simple

Our lubricants are powerful enough for any kinds of engine yet works very simply for which our products can be used in any kinds of engine.


Commitment & Accountability

We are very serious about our business. Clients are the top priorities for us. We deliver wherever it is or whenever it is inside the country


Be a dealer and make the most of your investment

What People Say About Us

Multifunctional Magic

Their products works in different kids of engines. So one needs not to worry about their engines at all

Ashiq Ur Rahman

Government Employee

Always something New!

They always bring some new graded products which are very quality full

Asif Zaman


Cheapest Price in Country

Their products are very cheap depending on the quality in the country

Rimon Chowdhury


Contact Info

16, Purana Palton, Gloriana Tower, Suite-120, Dhaka- 1000.


Daily: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday: Closed

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